My Death Knight’s initial thoughts and hopes…….

November 6, 2008

I guess you are wondering what will this blog be about?

Erm…. My Death Knight!!!!!!!  I’ll be calling him my Knight from now on!

If you are looking for theorycrafting, debates comparing specs and abilities, guides on the best way forward to 80 then I am not qualified for any of these.  No doubt once I’ve got my paws on my new Main then I’ll include some of my opinions, and what works for me.  Hopefully I’ll get the benefit of your experience too!  I am in no rush to get to 80, because I expect it will be a Loooong time before Blizzard make any drastic changes to WOW, and I want to enjoy the ride and not burn out the fun!!!

On with the show…

I am starting this blog a week early so I can vent my thoughts on why I’ve picked my race and spec and a few other decision I’ve made.  I expect it will be funny reading this when I have an 80 Death Knight!!!!

I’ve deliberately avoided reading too much about Blizzard’s new class to keep it fresh for the 13th of November.  When I was looking at the Death Knight Talent trees I had nothing much to go on bar the tool tip.  Having said that I did take a sneak peek at a few things (well only ‘Master of Ghouls’ and ‘Army of Dead’ on YouTube), but I think I’ll know what I like when I try it for myself.  I’ve tried hard to limit myself to only little bits of over curiosity!  I know nought about the start zone save for where it is and what it is called!!  Nothing about spell cycles and tanking techniques, but I think I’ll learn these on the journey ahead.

A question of Race…

Now I have three 70’s already on both Horde and Alliance side combined, but for getting to 80 I wanted a Tank, Healer and Damage doer the same side and server, the Knight being the Tank.  On the alliance side I have a little 63 Gnome Rogue, I have a 69 Night Elf Hunter and my current main is an elemental 70 Draenei Shaman, one I’m hoping to spec restoration with on the way up to 80 (plenty of spell power already and decked out in purples!!).  I have more 70’s over on the Horde side (Warrior/Paladin, both tanking specs!) but having a alliance hunter means I have a useful gatherer character, and that is not to be under estimated (as I found out with a Warrior/Paladin combo!!).   So its an alliance Death Knight first to 80, Shaman second as ele/resto and Hunter Beastmaster third. 

The three races I already have didn’t get a look in for my Knight’s choice, but I did consider making another Draenei because their size suits a tanking role.  I’m Scottish, so a Dwarf got a ‘wee’ look in too, Death Knights use edges weapons and from what I understand don’t get ranged weapons, so there was only one single useful racial spell.  In the end a Human won the vote, mostly because of ‘Diplomacy’, an extra 10% reputation will go a long way with a new character!  ‘Every Man for Himself’ also looks like it will be very useful and these two combined means this was an easy decision.  I expect to see LOTS of human Death Knights and don’t mind not standing out!!  Lore wise a Human also seemed a good fit too, but it was the racial spells that made this decision.

A question of Spec……

This is based on the current Talent tree on the WOW EU site.  A few hours pondering each of the trees and I think I’ll be going into the Unholy talent tree.  Two things stood out from reading the tips, the first was ‘Bone Shield’, I like the idea of this…. four bones whirling round my Knight reducing damage taken and increasing damage done… nice 🙂  So at 55 this one will be a must and it’s why I’m going unholy to start with.  Next consideration was the top of the tree talent ‘Unholy Blight’, a ten yard radius of ‘vile insects’ swarming round me doing a nice ‘per second’ amount of shadow damage.  This looks like it will be useful for AOE tanking/levelling, and seems to make it worth spending points in Unholy on the journey to 80.  I did like ‘Hungering Cold’ from frost, but ‘dem bones’ won the argument!!  Something else stood out in the Frost Talent spec, and will be added later, ‘Lichborne’, 15 seconds of fear, charm sleep immunity and I did hope going ‘Lichborne’ would be like a shapeshift… shame it’s just an icon, c’mon Blizz… Hero classes should have something different!!! 

So its a Unholy spec with 11 points in frost, maybe 5 or 10 in blood, maybe none.  Finally I love the idea of being a plate ‘pet’ class so with any luck ‘Master of Ghouls’ will be as fun as I hope it will be, and the ghoul will be a useful levelling buddy!

Blood didn’t capture my interest as much at the higher end of the tree, but who knows, maybe I’ll like it when I try it.  I suppose if I was really thinking about things it is Unholy/Frost for tanking (either one max-ed out) and Blood for DPS on a dual spec if Blizzard implement this promised feature (please do…. we’ll see in a week!!!).  I’ve not been too interested in Arena/PVP but maybe that will change later on if the Knight is fun to play in PVP. 

So its my expectation of how things will work for Tanking PVE and levelling to 80, and no other knowledge bar the tool tips that informed these choices!!!

A question of Profession…..

My Hunter has already been gathering ores for a quick burst up to 300 B/S.  I have a handy Bank alt with his own Guild Bank, so my Knight will be well prepared for crafting in Outland.  I’m going to take skinning as well so my Dragonscale Leatherworker Shaman gets a wee boost for materials, but I’ll drop it once I hit 80, and consider either Engineering or Jewelcrafting as a dual crafting option for my Knight.

A question of name…….

Well I had to find something that stumped me….. I still don’t know yet, but he’ll be on EU Dragonblight, that’s for sure!!!!!!!!

Lastly I intend to go straight for the ‘Ambassador’ title, exalted with all 5 factions.  So I’ll be doing all the start up zones, and cutting my tanking teeth keeping my pet Ghoul alive in all the ‘Classic’ Instances.  I’m looking forward to seeing how well he lasts and at what instance he can no longer solo the place!!!

I hope you enjoy reading about this adventure, and share some of your tales as well!!


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  1. Welcome to the Blogging community. I hope to see more from your Death Knight adventures.

    I also am writing about DK’s after playing for a bit, drop by and share a thought or two.



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