What a difference a name makes…..

November 7, 2008
I suppose there are a huge number of different ways you can name your toon, and lots of name generator tools out there. So far for my other toons I’ve used versions of my own name, amalgams for my childrens names, pretty names I liked (for my female characters), gaelic words/phrases from my Celtic heritage, but I never have been totally happy with the results (well maybe I have once or twice!).
So considering what to name ‘My Death Knight’ has been a little more difficult, as I’ve used up all my usual names, and the server I am on (Dragonblight EU) is well established, so getting something cool is not going to be that easy.

I considered trying something that would fit in with the lore surrounding the Death Knight, perhaps using the classes ‘flavour’ to help. So I’ve been pondering a lot, and surfing the interweb frantically, trying to find something that jumps out and says ‘mydeathknight’s name’.

I started looking at words associated to diseases, and tried MRSA as a name (corny perhaps) and someone has that name already on my server (maybe why I now think it is corny!!!!!). I considered various version of the component words… Methicillin Resistant Staphylococus Aureus, read up on e – coli (Escherichia is an interesting word) etc, reading their wikipedia entries. Randomly shifting into MC ESCHER webpages. So indirectly I have been building up my medical and Art history knowledge!

My next thoughts were for Necromancy names (a trip into ancient mythology/religion perhaps!). The articles out there on Necromancy are really interesting I did not realise the routes and various changes to how necromancy has developed, or it’s link to shamanism/christianity etc. +I peeked at Voodoo and the facinating world of the Serpent and the Rainbow……….

As I intend to go for the ‘Ambassador’ title I briefly considered calling him Spoilingus….

So far the only thing I have decided on is that IF I can name my Ghoul Pet, then it’ll be called Etemmu after the spirits raised by Babylonian Necromancers.

Still no name for my Knight, or maybe I can do the same thing I did for my Orc Warrior, and corrupt my clan motto. If I do I’ll need to delete my Warlock Twink!!

Perhaps it would have been better using the gold spammer method and calling him aisfhjsh!!!!

Do you put in as much thought for the name of your avatar?




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