Crafting, the Auction House and ‘The Game’

November 11, 2008
Inspired by: http://bookofgrudges.wordpress.com/2008/11/09/wow-world-of-resource-management/
Resource management is a game a lot of people enjoy… indeed its a way of life, Capitalism!! I’ll paraphrase a quote from Danny Devito in ‘Other Peoples Money’ talking about ‘the game’, ‘Larry the liquidator’ (Devito) says you spend your life making pots of cash and whoever dies the richest wins! For some people dabbling on the Auction House is their end game. They get their ‘warm glow’ from watching their bank balance grow…. they are also playing ‘the game’!
Now I’m not knocking this, but just saying I’m happy if the ‘Larry’s’ are happy too. I play WOW for dungeons and quests. Questing, pre BC paid for my first epic mount not the AH, although I did drop off a few Blues to sell as I levelled!!! But in my defence I always undercut!!!!
Daily quests paid for my epic mount. Then doing the Netherwing dailies made so much gold it also paid for my alts flyer as well. The Daily quests were a bit like deja vue some days, but I didn’t mind because the reward was worth it.
My first 60 didn’t get an epic mount or flyer off their own back because I made most of my mistakes with him!!! Somewhat perversely using the Auction house means you need the auction house to continue developing, to get your Epic mounts. I think the AH is a shortcut, like a cheat code if you will. Some people use cheat codes, some don’t. It is also the place where gold farmers earn their crust. This I suppose is the another aspect of free market capitalism… a service economy if you like. One that some people get upset about. Eitherway I am not moralising here, but I cannot understand how someone can get a bit of pride flying around in something someone else ‘bought’ for them.
I now use a ‘live off the fat of the land’ method for my characters after realising the AH can be a ‘scam’, poses some moral dillemmas and crippled my first 60’s income pre-BC buying ‘yet another’ blue that I could have made myself!! I don’t waste gold in the AH, I do find it is a good place to find patterns so I may have funded a gold farmer in some of my recipe purchases, but I always got my crafting mats myself. The gold earned farming them made it worth it, and they filled the gap between raids alongside some fishing and cooking expeditions!!
Your first high level character can become a sugar daddy!! If you do your alt right and learn from your first characters mistakes, the Alt can end up paying for the sugar daddies mount as well!! Mounts are secondary fluff anyway…. they are only to get you to the dungeons!!! I am pleased I wont need to buy an epic ground mount for my Death Knight, and like the idea that the DK specific flyer upgrades with your riding skill! That means I have 22 levels (55 to 77) to earn 6k gold, 1k for the mount, 5k for the skill and there are lots of quests on that path…. Easy, even without Dailies I think!

The first thing I suppose most people do is get their alts some bags!!! I’ve gone a little further with my Death Knight, I’ve also bought some Glyphs while they are going so cheaply…. Glyph of Bone Shield 5g!! Glyph of Death Strike 1g! Erm yes I got them from the AH but farmers don’t sell cheap!! (I made my own bags though!!!!!!!)

For all my characters I use an armor crafting tradeskill for my ‘blues’, i.e. Tailoring, Leatherworking and Black Smithing. I have not yet gone for another trade skill on a character. Inscription, Enchanting and Jewelcrafting seem to almost be a secondary trade skill, one to level after you hit max level. And I am happy to’share the love’ with my guildies, free with your mats, and I’ve been lucky that we have good JC/ENCH in guild!! Guilds always felt the right way to play ‘the game’. Maybe I am a ‘Red in the bed’ commie!!!

The great thing about levelling with crafted ‘blues’ is I found them tricky to ditch in dungeons, because they were pretty good items as well. Indeed they got me my dungeon invites. I also made ‘entry level’ Raiding gear in both WOW Classic and Burning Crusade.

A perfect example is the Netherstrike set I made for my Shaman, I spent about 24-30 hours making it and yes it was grindy, but it did get exciting as I got closer to the finished product, I also waited and made all three pieces in one go (in Stormwind so people standing around could see three epics pop up!!!!!). The time obviously didn’t include skilling up Dragonscale leatherworking in the first place, but that was done in tandem to levelling, and it ‘forced’ me to go to dungeons for rep…. terrible huh!!! No it never felt grindy because there was always something useful at the end of it. With this set I got nearly two years of raiding, the trade ‘epics’ opened the door. I think I made two more items after that (nice epic boots and shoulders!), the rest of my gear dropped from bosses! That was the end game for crafting for me, I never felt tempted to dabble in the AH with my wares!!

Blacksmithing never felt as useful, my paladin and warrior are both as BS’ers (erm…), even the Armorsmith I had for my Pala, but I believe they have ‘fixed’ Blacksmithry in WotLK, so tanks can make decent entry level sets with decent +def ratings. Getting to 300 Blacksmithing with my Knight will be grindy starting at 55, but I will be doing that at the same time I go for my ‘Ambassador’ title. I am taking my time to get to Outland because I don’t want to have to go back, and I want to travel in style!! I’ll be getting to 375 BS in Outland.

I am also taking a hunter to 80, once my Death Knight Tank and Shaman Healer are 80, because the hunter will be the best class to allow me to start getting a secondary crafting skill, he is an engineer, miner. I did plan on dropping my 300 engineering for herbalism but after seeing the motorbike engineers can make, who knows, maybe I’ll be levelling him in shaman made mail, and making him my DPS’er instead of my gatherer!

I’ll be levelling cooking and fishing in tandem as well….

Lots of waffle today!! But all said because I believe that craft skills are essential for making an end game raiding character, they open the door for you, so don’t neglect them!! And if you make them your end game and dabble with the market…. enjoy!!!!


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