Last Kara run…..

November 11, 2008

Well, as a 10 man anyway!! 

We did our last Kara run last night before we all shoot off into Northrend, start Death Knights and all level at different rates.  It was fun and a little sentimentally sad!!! 

It started off as a guild run into Hellfire Citadel to help two guild alts hit 70.  I was asked to respec my Elemental shaman Resto for the run, so it was also my first opportunity to play the new healing spec and see riptide etc.  WoW is all I can say, looks like Shaman healing is going to be lots of fun in Northrend, two HOTS with Riptide and Earthliving weapon, and all my Ele haste gear along with the new Spellpower mechanic will make shift back and forward from resto easy!!!! 

Our usual Druid main tank GM led and it was easy mode, he gets well over 20k buffed health and with the new Strength of Earth totem the two of us could probably have duo’ed it!!  I don’t think I went under 80% mana for the run except for a messy pull on the first boss and I wasn’t using mana stream (well one of the alts was a enh shaman!!).  So a nice easy reminder of playing healer, and a good while since I’ve been in a non heroic instance.  With the place cleared and some quest hand ins we saw the 70 achievement flash up in guild chat and our new guild 70’s decided to start a kara pickup group.  We only needed 3 additional players over the guild, shame all the old timers couldn’t have joined, but a few were already locked in another Kara run. 

The guy off tanking was a respecced fury warrior, who had fallen in love with the new Prot spec, and we couldn’t get a lock, but the hunter alternative did an awesome job, and topped out the DPS meter.  Shame he was from another guild!!

Cutting a long story short I loved every minute of the run, Kara is a breeze now although I did have a few random deaths and a 29g repair bill!!!  Ancestral awakening and high crit rate make keeping a group up easy, and procs of Earthliving on Riptide caused me a fair bit of overheal, but more is better than less!!!  

I was lucky at Prince, I finally got Helm of the Fallen Champion, almost fate to get the set piece at the end of the last week of Burning crusade. 

I wish in one way that healing wasn’t so much fun, or that I’d done a little worst, as I know what will be coming as I’m levelling my Death Knight!!!!!!


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