A new beginning…….

November 14, 2008

Well my game didn’t turn up on Wednesday, thanks Amazon… you’ve just lost a customer, and earned a new nickname in this house….. Scamazon!  So I did what many other Amazon customers did… went to a midnight opening at my local Tesco much to the bemusement of my wife!!  There was quite a queue when I got there, and it was fun seeing the delight on peoples faces as they rushed out clutching their copy!!  One person was in such a hurry, he had to get called back for his change!!!!

I made my Unholy Death Knight as soon as I got home, and got to bed after 4am with a level 58 in all the Death Knight blues.  They look awesome, I’m not going to spoil what happened for readers but one of my first achievements was ‘Duelicious’!!  The cut scenes set the tone well, and all bodes well for the journey to 80 and End Game!  I’m looking forward to continuing the story line that the event in Eastern Plaguelands opened up.  Certain parts of it reminded me of the Onyxia chain quests.  One suggestion I would make is take a slow walk into Stormwind the first time you go there, don’t run, and read the shouts while you do!!

The siege warfare looks like it is going to be fun based on this taster!!  And my highest ‘hit’ is over 80k on my achievements!!!  I doubt I’m going to top that!!! 

I am now into the next phase, getting my faction rep for the ‘Ambassador’ title.  First Instance done was the Deadmines!!  An Appropriate start.  I’ve quested right through Elwynn, Westfall and Redridge… and have all the Stockades quests for tonight, and a trip to Duskwood to look forward to before heading across to Teldrassil!!   Doing lowbee quests with a 58 DK is a breeze, and its surprising how quick you fly through them, and the memories of doing them the first time are nice as well!!

The ‘Diplomacy’ racial makes a massive difference, I was half way through revered with Stormwind as I logged…. and yes, it was because I got asked to Heal Utgarde Keep with my Shaman, it was nice an easy, but that’s another story!


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