Ambassador Lichbane

November 22, 2008

Well I did it today 🙂  I didn’t plan where I would get the achievement but it happened at the most appropriate place it could have…. In Uldaman at the Corpse of a Paladin 🙂  A nice 550 Gnomeregan Exiles reputation to take me to exalted with them.

Some pointless facts about the journey:

I made 115K XP and 64g from quests, 208g made in total including vendors and loot, just under 2 gold was spent on flights.  It took 758 quests (although i know it can be done with less if better planned) and I had 1day 23hours /played at 58 when I got it.  It could have been done faster as well but I made lots of coffee, had a few phone calls and watched the Scotland vs Argentina match while half playing!!

Now the fun begins…. I quickly got to 60 doing cauldron quests in Western Plaguelands, and bought my 59/60 skills, finally getting Death and Decay and Unholy Blight.  Even without them I was AOE’ing lots of mobs in WP to level quickly.  Should be fun when I can use the extra two damage spells.  I respecced getting rid of Desecration because of the graphic lag it caused my machine.  I’ve a geforce 8800 Ultra and it couldn’t cope with it!!  God knows what it would be like on a lesser card!!

I can now start messing about with spell rotations and seeing what the Unholy DK can do, and I’m looking forward to it!!!


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