My Ghoul’s middle name is Einstein!!

November 28, 2008

While questing in Terokkar Forest doing the questline that involves killing Orc Peons, I was doing my usual, rounding up the mobs while mounted in groups of 4-5, diseasing them all, then killing them AOE. 

 This is the first time I’ve grouped up ‘runners’ since dropping out desecration from my build, (the graphic lag was too annoying) and those pesky Orc Peons all are ‘runner’ types.  Now the anti runner abilities we have are fairly limited… long cooldown on Death Grip, and I need my frost runes for better abilities than slowing a runner (maybe not in an instance!!).    

 Enter my latest Ghoul ‘Dirtmuncher’ (erm……. cmon Blizz some of these names are questionable at least!!).  Now he seems to be intelligent enough to know he should be chasing the runners down for me.  I’ve seen other ‘clever’ behaviours, like he pounces on casters out of my AOE range that are blasting me.  In fact in defensive mode my Ghoul really covers my back!

I can see DK’s Ghoul’s getting blamed for pulls because of this, like poor hunters were, when groups needed a blame hound (a runner aggros anyway without a pet trying to kill it people!!!) 

 So well done Blizz, nice job done on Ghoul AI 🙂 

Well….. nearly they are a nightmare for pulls if you don’t remember to switch them off defensive, but I’ve hot keyed one of my mouse buttons to the pet attack button and toggle the defensive pet button if I need to.  I like keeping control of who my pet is attacking, it makes it easier for get phase 2 of diseases up without the pet killing your target!!  It’s handy if you have casters hitting you to switch to defensive 🙂



  1. Hi,

    thanks for you report. I am reading all around reports about AOE’ing with a DK.
    So Far my DK is 61 and I have not figured it out myself. How does the AOE work?

    Please Advise.

  2. Tobias, there are quite a few good sites that talk about AOE levelling. I’ve a post here on this blog, you could also try

    Good vids therwe

  3. Thanks a lot.
    I finally found your description.
    My main problems at the moment are the translation of the spells and talents you are refenezing to into german.
    Always confusing.
    I like your writing and it was the most informativ so far.
    I switched my talents to unholy and frost and it was much more fun then blood at least on level 63.
    I am waiting for the post of your skilltree.

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