Big Shoulders

December 3, 2008

My Paladin is a blacksmith, so on Monday night I had a sneaky look at the Blacksmithing gear you can make, and before I knew it I’d made the ‘green’ Cobalt tanking set, which gives a not too shabby 288 defence rating and decent stamina.  The mats for this set are extremely easy to get, 4 or 5 cobalt bars for each item. And it doesnt look too bad (the helm is a bit ‘Star Wars’ or Samurai!!).

The problem is my pally is on a different server from my DK, and is a Blood Elf (my DK is human). 

Now I know why I rolled a human… ‘Diplomacy’ for rep and ‘Every Man for himself’ for a free PVP trinket, as well as the idea that Humans fit the lore.  And I’ve even got my Human the Ambassador Title, and to level 70, so I was seeing if it was worth levelling Blacksmithing before continuing, because there was a distinct lack of defence drops in the early Northrend quests. 

I also planned to have a healer, tanker and DPSer on the same side, and my Horde characters are tanks, a prot specced Paladin and Warrior.   But before I knew it I had rolled a Horde death Knight and specced my Paladin Holy and my warrior Dual Wield with Titan Grip!! 

I’m planning on staying Unholy, and tanking my way to 80, so there was only one choice of Race, even considering the extra stam of a tauren, so I rolled an Orc!

The racials are awesome for DK’s, Command (+5% extra pet damage), Hardiness for 15% reduced stun duration, the +5 extra expertise in Axe Specialisation and the my favourite… Blood Fury, a free attack power trinket.  I don’t know why I didnt consider this to start with!! 

Now Orc’s probably don’t fit the lore as well as say a Human or Undead, but their Racials are an unholy wet dream.  Popping Blood Fury before pestilence makes for a serious amount of early DPS in a fight, and I expect this will be just the kind of boost that a tank would need for the first few seconds of a fight.  Also a 2 minute cooldown means I’ll be using it a lot.  A few hours later and I was a 58 Unholy Orc Death Knight.

My Hordies are on Earthen Ring, and my paladin already has the Ambassador title, so I don’t feel the urge to get it for my DK (well not yet anyway!!).  One other thing helped sway me… After the final battle, I made the long walk to Thrall in Ogrimmar, and did not run, a fellow DK joined in the fun with a little RP, and it was enough to box my Human DK for now! 

Ok, ok I’ll be honest now… racials pah, classes pah, RP pah………




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