Things I wish I’d known before I made my Death Knight

December 5, 2008

I made my first death knight at 4 minutes past midnight on the 13th of November, and the DK area was packed with excited new DK’s (many I guess are level 80 now!).  I had not read much on the new class because I wanted lots of pleasant surprises, so this led to a few mistakes!!  I was in a hurry to get through Outland, so this also led to me doing things one way, then wishing I’d done them differently. So I thought I’d compile a list so perhaps you’ll not need to repeat them!! 

Oh… if you have any to add, let me know and I’ll make this a work ‘in progress’.

1.  For the duel quest, you do not need to run about looking for other players, I did first time round!!  I even deliberately lost a few to ‘help’ a few players who asked.  For DK v2.0, I did things properly!  I dueled the Death Knight Initiate NPC’s and kept my Duel stats pure!!!

2.  Noth’s Special Brew is a repeatable quest UNTIL after the Light’s Hope chapel event.  I left Ebon Hold the first time with 3, and wished I had as many as I could carry.  So with DK v2.0 I left with 20 (I’m not sure if you can carry anymore than 20).

3.  The ‘Charm of Alarcrity’ trinket from the Goblin quests in Hellfire is truely awesome for levelling/tanking, it works particularly well with ‘Rune Strike’, so don’t sell it like I did first time round!!  Using this trinket with Icebound fortitude and Bone shield with Blade Barrier….. well try it you’ll see what I mean!!!

4.  Waiting till 60 for Outland , then till 70 will pay off because you level faster by questing and do quests faster if they are your level.  I did the former (questing in WP to 60), but rushed into Northrend the minute I hit 68.  Now I am not saying I struggled in Northrend, I didn’t, but I could have grinded up a good Scryer/Aldor enchant if I’d thought about it for those levels! You won’t do this when you start questing in Northrend believe me!!

5.  Getting Fishing and Cooking levelled will really boost your characters stats, especially in Northrend.  Also when you have your shiny new abilities, you’ll find it hard to go back, I didn’t with DK v1.0.  So for Death Knight v2.0 I did this as soon as I left Ebon Hold.  I didn’t take that long either!!  Check Out Highlander’s fantastic Cooking and Fishing guide on the Professions Forum.  Read it first, especially on the NPC’s who sell you recipes… it’ll save your flight paths!! 

6.  The axe/sword weapon you get in the early Northrend quests mean I would not worry about making an Outland Epic weapon as a BS… or even buying one from the AH. If you did I bet you got a shock!!

7.  Don’t buy levelling gear, you will not need it.  The only gear you may have to buy (or make) is 70 tanking gear, but rather than buy I’d recommend sweet talking your friendly neighbourhood BS, because the Cobalt set is easy and cheap to make. 

8.  You don’t need to buy you flight skills at 70!!


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