Master of Ghouls, more Advanced tips

December 13, 2008

The following Blog includes macros and tips, all designed to put the Unholy Death Knight in complete control over their Ghoul.

A lot of Death Knights are already using the following macro:

#showtooltip Death Grip
/petautocastoff Leap
/cast Death Grip

This helps to stop the annoying behaviour of your pet Leaping when you use Death Grip to Pull.  This can potentially wreak a good pull. 

As a big fan of the Ghouls ‘Gnaw’ ability, I’ve added:

#showtooltip Death Grip
/petautocastoff Leap
/cast Death Grip
/cast Gnaw

This stuns the mobs as well as pulling them.  Now if you think about this, and take one step back after Death Gripping your target, then you can make your Bone Shield last for 3 more seconds!   As you will most likely be gripping a caster who’s melee hit will be more trivial, this means your single bone shield charge is not wasted.

Your Ghoul can also be extremely useful for additional group protection with the following macro:

#showtooltip Dark Command
/petautocaston Leap
/cast Dark Command
/cast Gnaw

Basically this one sets autocast on for leap, and your ghoul should run, leap and stun the target you are taunting.  If your taunt is on cooldown, you have the added bonus of 3 seconds meaning at the very worst you’ll only be waiting 5 seconds before you can cast Dark Command!!   You can also try to make sure your ghoul becomes second in the mobs aggro list!

You can take it to the next level with this:

#showtooltip Dark Command
/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,8 )
/petautocaston Leap
/cast Dark Command
/cast Gnaw

This also assigns SKULL to the target!!   You can drop the Dark Command from this and ask your DPS to always nuke the Skull, giving you a bit more control for your secondary disease target.  There is nothing more annoying than the target dying before you get the chance to use pestilence!!!

Now all this will count for nothing if your Ghoul has no focus, so I suggest you switch off autocast for Claw and keep your Ghoul on Passive.  Doing this means you have to manually control you Ghoul to keep their focus available.  I’ve done this with the following macro:

/castsequence reset=2 Claw, Gnaw
This one is bound to a mouse button!  This works well because your pet bar has a different global cooldown from your Death Knight bar.  Basically you cast Claw with this and it resets at 2 seconds, if you double tap it quickly it also casts Gnaw, so you can also use it as an additional cast interrupt!!



  1. No blog for 4 day,
    whats wrong?

  2. Thanks for these tips, recently started a DK and found these macros extremely useful.

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