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Paladin Aura Dreams….

December 24, 2008

I’m really happy about the proposed new spell, Hand of Reckoning.  A lovely 30 yard damage ‘pull’.   I was missing my mana tap!!!  While reading about the changes in 3.0.8, it got me thinking about another aspect of the Paladin that could be tinkered with, their Aura’s.  Blizzard seem to be shaking all the classes up atm so I am sure Aura changes will have been discussed.

I’ve played Warhammer Onlines excellent ‘Chosen’ tanking class, if WOW wasn’t so awesome I’d be playing WAR.  The Chosen are based on an Aura mechanic, their Aura’s are more slightly more powerful than WOW’s Paladins because they are core to their game play.  Playing Chosen for a few weeks  got me thinking…. Blizzard could steal the Chosen idea and improve it (WHAT!!! they’d never do that… would they?!!). 

So here is my spin on how they could do this.  The Chosen Aura’s are on a 12 second cooldown, and their affects last 5 seconds after they are replaced with another aura.  This means you can have 3 Aura’s active at once for a small period if you time it right.   If Blizzard treated their Aura’s the same way, extended the residual affect time (10 seconds after affect with auras on a 25 second cooldown for example), or copy it.  If they didn’t change the Aura affects and gave the Aura bar an independent cooldown in the same way they have with pet bars then Paladins could weave Aura management into their rotations without changing them.  And this would be the Improvement on the ‘Chosen’ mechanic . 

Doing this would reward players who are skilled, and make game play a bit more active, in the same way that giving Pet classes like the unholy Death Knight, Hunters and Warlock a casting bar rewards more skilled players who manually control their pets.   I suppose some Paladins may balk at the idea of making their gameplay more demanding, but they could leave their single aura on in the same way pet classes leave their pet abilities on autocast. 

I’d love this ‘stolen’ mechanic.  Imagine weaving Devotion, Retribution and a Resistance aura so they were all active at once without affecting your rotations?  That would be well worth a few extra clicks 🙂


Once a Tank Always a Tank!!!

December 23, 2008

My Paladin is my main miner/blacksmith and probably should have been my main starting tank.  I tanked all of the Burning Crusade normal 5 man Instances with her, doing more tanking in BC as a paladin than as a warrior (I tanked more as a Warrior in the Classic dungeons so he has the Mallet and the Scepter!!!). 

I ended up playing my shaman more in Burning Crusade because of how crap gear itemisation was pre-raiding for Paladin tanks, and I didn’t want to sacrifice +def for +HP, but groups never saw it that way and I didn’t get a shot at tanking heroics.  Besides, my ELE/RESTO Draenei Shaman got a head start by being levelled first, so ended up my Heroic and Raiding Character. 

Anyway, I’ve decided that the Alliance Raiding guild on Dragonblight are already too far away from me in terms of getting my 73 Human DK into a comfortable 5 man/raiding cycle because they have already been clearing Naxx and most hit 80 in 2-3 weeks (we were all in NAXX pre BC as well so it is no surprise).  They also limit you to one Raid Main, which misses the WotLK vibe of making raiding a hobby.  My Real Life friends from home are not really playing so much due to children, life etc.  So I’m going all out Horde for the foreseable future and leaving my fully Purple Shaman, my pre BC raiding Hunter and my 73 DK. 

Another interesting factor is my stepson is also on Earthen Ring EU, as an Alliance character, and I hope to see him on the PVP fields for some banter in the house!!!!  

My Paladin ‘Narielle’ made the cobalt tanking set for both my Death Knight and my Protection warrior, but she has been unfairly side lined in WOTLK so far, but no more.  What with Death Knights, and the awesome changes to Protection Warriors, she went down in the play order!!!  She would probably make an excellent main, if I wasn’t an Altoholic!! 

As my Blood Knight had not yet benefited from her Blacksmith skill, and tanks with Blacksmithing have a distinct advantage, she should be played for what she was made for.  I was also getting a bit bored trying to level my Orcs DK’s BS skills (I’ll come back to it at 80 I think!!).  So instead of mining for my Death Knight last night, I made her the Cobalt Tank set as well.  It is way better than all of the Burning Crusade blue tanking items (although I’ll miss the righteous dungeon set bonuses!!) and will help getting The Nexus quest tanking gear.

Once I had made the Cobalt set for her, I added the Scryers Shoulder enchant + 13 defence, and the Keepers of Time helm enchant + 16 defence + 9 dodge and with a blue tanking cape, blue rings and two nice blue tanking trinkets got her to a very respectable 541 +defence in primarily green tanking gear!!!  With the Burning Crusade blues, I hovered around 485-495 +defence. 

Fair enough she only has just under 11k health points unbuffed, (it was 9.5k with Blue Paladin Dungeon Set) but she is more than viable at 70 and should take hardly any damage!!!  It is a bit of deja vue though, despite the fact she’ll be potentially uncrittable I’m sure most groups wont see past the Health, but I think the Journey to 80’s tanking will be kinder.

Tonight I’ll try to add some Blacksmith Sockets and try to raise her HP by 1k with them and cook up some + STAM food.
So I’ve blown my plan of tanking as a Death Knight main, and having a DPS warrior (specced back to Prot) and a Paladin Healer (also specced back to Prot)….  I am tempted to try to compare all three characters at 80, and make that a focus for this blog.  Once a tank always a tank!!!

My new personal end game will be making 3 plate tanks, and looking for a friendly Horde guild on Earthen Ring EU.  If you know any nice small friendly Horde guiilds on that realm that want a multi purpose tanking player? 

oh noes…….. I’m now considering levelling my 21 Tauren Druid!!!   If I find enough time I will, and who knows… maybe in the future I’ll complete a tanking characters set!!!!!!