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Ambassador Lichbane

November 22, 2008

Well I did it today ūüôā¬† I didn’t plan where I would get the achievement but it happened at the most appropriate place it could have…. In Uldaman at the Corpse of a Paladin ūüôā¬† A nice 550 Gnomeregan Exiles¬†reputation to take me to exalted with them.

Some pointless facts about the journey:

I made 115K XP and 64g from quests, 208g made in total including vendors and loot, just under 2 gold was spent on flights.  It took 758 quests (although i know it can be done with less if better planned) and I had 1day 23hours /played at 58 when I got it.  It could have been done faster as well but I made lots of coffee, had a few phone calls and watched the Scotland vs Argentina match while half playing!!

Now the fun begins…. I quickly got to 60 doing cauldron quests in Western Plaguelands, and bought my 59/60 skills, finally getting Death and Decay and Unholy Blight.¬† Even without them I was AOE’ing lots of mobs in WP to level quickly.¬† Should be fun when I can use the extra two damage spells.¬† I respecced getting rid of Desecration because of the graphic lag it caused my machine.¬† I’ve a geforce 8800 Ultra and it couldn’t cope with it!!¬† God knows what it would be like on a lesser card!!

I can now start messing about with spell rotations and seeing what the Unholy DK can do, and I’m looking forward to it!!!


The making of an Ambassador continued….

November 20, 2008

I’ve completed the dwarf/gnome start up area, and all the quests in Loch Modan.¬† I did the Dun Modr Dark Iron Dwarf quests in Wetlands as I was questing my way to saving Stonewrought Dam (Yes I am a hero, saviour of Loch¬† Modan and Wetlands!!!!).¬† I also decided to save Thandol Span while I was there, because those pesky Dark Iron Dwarves were going to blow it up too!!¬†

I then ventured into Gnomeregan and did 5 out of the 6 quests there (missing Data Rescue because I’m not an Engineer).¬† I think I’ve been in Gnomeregan the least of all the Instances pre- WotLK, and it was a little confusing because I didn’t know it as well.¬†

One tip I’d offer is, if you do this without Death and Decay, pull the elites with death grip, get one disease on them, then use pestilence, if you crit them and they die, you can use corpse explosion, remembering it doesnt work on mechanicals!!¬† I found this quite useful on the groups of gnomes around Mechanar.¬† Another cool thing was I was getting more than one hit on the elites, and while the mobs are not hardy enough to start taking 3 hits, or get to a stage where I could reliably use pestilence and blood boil, I could start to see what it will be like when I’ve got higher level mobs to tank.¬† I’m looking forward to when I can pull larger groups and start using my diseases… perversely I think it will be quicker clearing Instances when I can.¬†

Corpse Explosion and the Glyph of Corpse Explosion combined seem useful as a finisher, if timed right.¬† I could also set my Ghoul to defensive and make him work for his keep at last as well.¬† He was getting bored running about beside me anyway, at least I don’t have to feed him!!¬† Up till now he killed things too quickly, and so did I, in fact most went down one shotted, and his ‘focus dump’ adds a nice extra DPS.¬† Corpse explosion is also handy for making sure I tagged everything before he started slapping them about!!!

I’m revered with the 3 remaining factions, Ive hit 17k Ironforge, 13.5k Gnomeregan rp and 18k Draenei.¬† So still some way off the magic 21k with the three factions, but getting there.¬† It looks like the Gnomes are going to need the most work.¬† I may have to start looking for specific quests rather than grabbing all I find with the low level quest tracker.¬†¬†¬†

I’m going to quest through Wetlands, Arathi then Southshore.¬† Then I’ll clear out the Scarlett Monastry.¬†¬† Hopefully I’ll not need to go to Badlands and clear out Uldaman, but it is looking increasingly likely that I will need to.¬† I suppose if I do that I may as well get the sceptre, go kill a princess, and then get me a mallet as well!!¬† I am champing at the bit to get to Outland, I could be well into the 60’s by now if I had

When I get the Ambassador title, I might make a wee guide for the WOW Death Knight forums… hmmm this could be another title of a post in itself, WHERE ARE THEY BLIZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Making of an Ambassador

November 17, 2008
It’s now /played 25 hours and 21 hours at level 58!! So far I’ve got my Death Knight exalted with Stormwind and Darnassus, and completed all the quests in Deadmines/Stockades/Blackfathom Deep. I’m now half way through revered with the Exodar!! I’ll do the Dwarf/Gnome areas and all the Gnomeregan quests in the next few evenings. Hopefully finishing things off in the Scarlett Monastry.
Questing like this is a ‘novel’ experience, you can follow the lower level quest chains right through without hitting any level caps, and makes it a lot more like a story driven journey. Levelling usually means you need to wait a while for the next instalment, but when it is condensed like this, it really shows off Blizzard’s story telling!!
Would I do this again with another ‘hero’ class? Probably! hehe.
Back to the mission in hand!!

I remembered way more quests in Azuremyst Isle as I levelled with my Shaman, but quite a lot seem to be Draenei only, so it looks like it is going to be quite difficult hitting exalted in Bloodmyst Isle (where I am at the moment and the original plan!!) even as a human. At worst if I complete all the available quests I find, using my memory, wowhead and the low level quest tracker, then I’ll hit exalted in Bloodmyst Isle. If not I may do the remaining Draenei quests in Forest Song in Ashenvale, and head over to Swamp of Sorrow. I can also get some Exodar quests in Outland but I know I’ll get there questing and will not need to quest in Alterac Valley or go on a runecloth grind.

I prefer questing to item grinding because it is more interesting and I like the stories you come across!! I think I’ve done most (if not all) of them across a few different characters, so it is nice to consolidate them all into one Hero character. It seems appropriate!

One very useful thing I’ve found is I have not yet been to Ironforge, save to pick up quests for Stockades and Blackfathom deep and I have not yet done the Dwarf/Gnome start up zone, yet I hit Reverred with Ironforge whilst doing the Draenei start up area with the additional faction reputation alone and I am only less than 1k off Gnomeregan Revered, and before I started I was worried more about getting Gnome rep than any of the other factions!! So even if I don’t get exalted by finishing all the quests I find in Bloodmyst Isle, I expect the additional ‘alliance rep’ I get from the dwarf quests will get me there so I can do it before I level to 59. A 58 Ambassador would be quite a personal achievement!! At the current rate and with a bit of luck it will be 10-15 more hours /played till I get the Ambassador title, maybe once I hit the Scarlet Monastry and complete all the quests there. I’d be pretty pleased if I could get there at level 58!!

This title feels a bit more substantial than those I was getting while playing Warhammer Online!!

I’ve done nearly 450 quests already, so I am definitely in the questing groove! I am still miles away from the Loremaster title, for either island. Who knows maybe I’ll come back for that after I hit 80! I’d like to solo Onyxia as well!!!!!

I was intending to do as many of the classic dungeons, with all their associated quests as I could. But perhaps the lure of outland and Northrend’s new journey to level 80 will be too strong!! We’ll see!!!!

Oops…….. I’ve still to start my Blacksmith skill, and cooking and fishing!!!

I’ve already seen level 75 Death Knights on my server, so good luck to whoever gets the ‘World first’. I expect someone somewhere already has!!!

I’m not in such a rush myself!! To many ‘fluff’ items to do first!!






A new beginning…….

November 14, 2008

Well my game didn’t turn up on Wednesday, thanks Amazon… you’ve just lost a customer, and earned a new nickname in this house….. Scamazon!¬† So I did what many other Amazon customers did… went to a midnight opening at my local Tesco much to the bemusement of my wife!!¬† There was quite a queue when I got there, and it was fun seeing the delight on peoples faces as they rushed out clutching their copy!!¬† One person was in such a hurry, he had to get called back for his change!!!!

I made my Unholy Death Knight as soon as I got home, and got to bed after 4am with a level 58 in all the Death Knight blues.¬† They look awesome, I’m not going to spoil what happened for readers but one of my first achievements was ‘Duelicious’!!¬† The cut scenes set the tone well, and all bodes well for the journey to 80 and End Game!¬† I’m looking forward to continuing the story line that the event in Eastern Plaguelands opened up.¬† Certain parts of it reminded me of the Onyxia chain quests.¬† One suggestion I would make is take a slow walk into Stormwind the first time you go there, don’t run, and read the shouts while you do!!

The siege warfare looks like it is going to be fun based on this taster!!¬† And my highest ‘hit’ is over 80k on my achievements!!!¬† I doubt I’m going to top that!!!¬†

I am now into the next phase, getting my faction rep for the ‘Ambassador’ title.¬† First Instance done was the Deadmines!!¬† An Appropriate start.¬† I’ve quested right through Elwynn, Westfall and Redridge… and have all the Stockades quests for tonight, and a trip to Duskwood to look forward to before heading across to Teldrassil!!¬†¬† Doing lowbee quests with a 58 DK is a breeze, and its surprising how quick you fly through them, and the memories of doing them the first time are nice as well!!

The ‘Diplomacy’ racial makes a massive difference, I was half way through revered with Stormwind as I logged…. and yes, it was because I got asked to Heal Utgarde Keep with my Shaman, it was nice an easy, but that’s another story!