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Gone Fishing…..

December 22, 2008

At the moment I’m levelling up Cooking (done) / Fishing(275/300) / Blacksmithing (150) and Engineering (1.. ouch!!!)……. My Paladin is doing my mining 🙂

This will take a few weeks because I work full time and have a hectic Christmas and New Year schedule. I’m going to bonny Scotland for a wee break as well 🙂

More posts to follow in the New Year 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one an all!!!!!


mydeathknight’s Guide to Unholy Tanking

December 8, 2008

Well I’m only a month into playing my death knight, and this is my first attempt at a tanking guide.

  I’m not at 80 yet, and on my second Death Knight (re-rolled Orc from Human for awesome unholy racials!!).   So this is a work ‘in process’.


I will discuss my view on talents, a few tactics, and what I have on my castbar. I’ve left out what gear to aim for from this guide because are a lot of better resources available out there already.


A simple rule of thumb I’ve picked up, based on reading many of these guides is:


Def > Dodge > Parry > STAM > Strength.


If you have just hit 70, get or make the Cobalt Tanking set!! Shame making a healer isn’t as easy!!!


On this point, a big /cheer out to anyone supporting the community with Unholy DK articles. This post is a synthesis of many of them, with a few of my own ideas thrown in for good measure. Feel free to use this guide, or points from it anywhere you like 😉 Death to chargeable guides!!!!!!!!


My first tip is obvious really, use Frost Presence every time you intend to take aggro. It ticks three boxes, Increased Armor/Health/Threat. If you are off tanking you may switch blood/unholy without the same penalties Warriors have with loss of rage, but for tanking you’ll always use Frost Presence.


Turning to talents, an Unholy tank will likely be spending at least 51 points in Unholy, but I’m going to start by looking at the other two trees from an Unholy perspective!!!


Blizzard have spread some key tanking abilities throughout all of the trees. The more important tanking abilities are low enough down the talent trees to be available for all flavour of tanks. One of the most invaluable talents is in Blood:


Blade Barrier: Whenever your Blood Runes are on cooldown, your Parry chance increases by 10% for the next 10 sec


This is a 5 pointer straight away and one of my favourite damage mitigation talents!! You can get your blood runes on cooldown really quickly, and you can pretty much keep this up throughout the fight, it’ll refresh before the 10 seconds are up. 10% parry addition is a nice start. I’ve read a few guides out there that recommend you spend 18 points in Blood, but I would only spend 5 for Blade Barrier.


I’ve preferred to spend some points in Frost because there are some nice things there for an unholy tank at 80. I’ve spent 11 on:


5 in Toughness: Increases your armor value from items by 15% and reduces the duration of all movement slowing effects by 30%


5 in Black Ice: Increases your Frost damage by 30%.


1 in Lichborne: Draw upon unholy energy to become undead for 15 sec. While undead, you are immune to Charm, Fear and Sleep effects, and your horrifying visage causes melee attacks to have an additional 25% chance to miss you.


Instant, 3 min cooldown.


More armor/frost damage and a great utility spell. Despite its 3 minute cooldown, Lichborne is a must have for this Unholy Tank, mainly because I am playing as an Orc, and I don’t have the ‘Will of the Forsaken’ or ‘Every man for himself’ racials for fear protection. On top of this, Lichborne has damage mitigation in the form of increased melee chance to miss you, you do not need to only use it for eating a fear, it can be used every three minutes as extra damage mitigation as well. I think any easy to reach mitigation is a must have!!


Next we get into the Unholy Talent goodness!! I am only including ones I like, but I’d recommend you get Unholy Blight, Bone shield and Scourge strike. Also consider improving/increasing your diseases, that is the mainstay of Unholy AOE!!


Get Glyph of Bone shield, as one additional charge of 40% damage reduction is more than worth the outlay!! Despite Unholy Blight’s 60 runic power points cost, having a mobile AOE makes this talent really worth going deep into Unholy. I’ll mention a tip I have for getting to 60 runic power quickly (or not using any till you get there!) involving your ghoul, and you have 20 seconds to build up more Runic Power before needing to re-cast it. You’ll always want more Runic power, and you need to manage how you use it!!


Scourge Strike is nice to have for maintaining single target aggro alongside Rune Strike, the latter is your main tanking strike, but uses Runic Power.


Here are a selection of Unholy talents in my build:


Anticipation: Increases your Dodge chance by 5%.


Vicious Strikes: Increases the critical strike chance by 6% and critical strike damage bonus by 30% of your Plague Strike, Death Strike and Scourge Strike.


Epidemic: Increases the duration of Blood Plague and Frost Fever by 6 sec


Necrosis: Your auto attacks deal an additional 10% Shadow damage.


Outbreak: Increases the damage of Plague Strike, Pestilence and Blood Boil by 30%.


Impurity: Your spells receive an additional 25% benefit from your attack power.


Reaping: Whenever you hit with Blood Strike or Blood Boil there is a 100% chance that the Blood Rune becomes a Death Rune when it activates.


Bone Shield: The Death Knight is surrounded by 4 whirling bones. While at least 1 bone remains, he or she takes 40% less damage from all sources and deals 2% more damage with all attacks, spells and abilities. Each damaging attack that lands consumes 1 bone. Lasts 5 min.

1 Unholy, Instant, 1 min cooldown


Scourge Strike: An unholy strike that deals 60% of weapon damage as Shadow damage plus 190.5, and an additional 95.25 bonus damage per disease.

1 Unholy 1 Frost, 5 yd range, Instant


Wandering Plague: When your diseases damage an enemy, there is a chance equal to your melee critical strike chance that they will cause 100% additional damage to the target and all enemies within 8 yards. Ignores any target under the effect of a spell that is cancelled by taking damage.


Rage of Rivendare: Your spells and abilities deal 10% more damage to targets infected with Blood Plague. Also increases your expertise by 5.


Unholy Blight: A vile swarm of unholy insects surrounds the Death Knight for a 10 yard radius. Enemies caught in the area take 48 Shadow damage per sec. Lasts 20 sec.

60 Runic Power, Instant




This does not complete the 53 points you have left, but I think these ones are all worthy of a mention. I’ve pondered having desecration for extra damage and control, and the only reason I’ve ditched it is because it causes graphic lag on my machine and I’ve a fairly nice graphics card!! I have Blood Caked Strikes instead, which is almost like a auto attack ‘windfury like’ proc for 25% weapon damage + 13% per disease, this has a 30% chance and a long fight will see a few Blood Caked Strikes.

This is my Build:


As well as lots of AOE goodness and Scourge Strike, Unholy tanks can bring a utility pet to the group, the Ghoul. The next part assumes you know how to manually control your ghoul, because my tip for perma ghoul tanking is to turn off the autocast option for all of your Ghoul’s abilities. Leap can be incredibly annoying when pulling, and claw will dump your pets focus really quickly. You need the pet to be passive, so you can control who it is targeting. Be aware that your Ghoul will fry in any AOE, so set him using ‘stay’  anywhere you know this will happen, and don’t forget to pick him up when you move on!! 50 Silver for Corpse Dust……pah!!!!!


Your Ghoul is needed for Gnaw, its 3 second stun, and this is not an autocast option. This really useful ability can be cast every 20 seconds, and is affectively 15% damage mitigation against a single target over 20 seconds (unless they are resistant to stun), as well as a rune/runic power free cast interrupt. This is useful at the start of a pull when you are needing to build up runic power for Unholy Blight, and/or reduce your initial damage while building aggro.


If you are not already using Gnaw manually like this, try Death Gripping a few caster mobs and using Gnaw as an interrupt. I’ve hot keyed it onto my mouse (I also have Mind Freeze and Strangulation on my mouse!), but you can click it, or use the petbar shortcuts if you prefer. Fortunately the petbar global cooldown is not the same as the cooldown on your death knight combat bar. Once you have got your confidence up, you’ll also be able to throw in a few claws as well, making sure you always have enough pet focus for your stuns.


On good rule for Ghoul management is NEVER miss the opportunity of combat rezzing someone because of it.  Well if they are a total nublet then maybe….. 


ALWAYS CAST BONE SHIELD AFTER A FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Important enough to shout. You don’t want a unholy rune on cooldown because of something you can cast out of combat and bone shield is a 1 minute cooldown, it’s nice to be able to recast it during a fight!!!


Take two 2 hand weapons with you to an instance, with:

Rune of Spellshattering: Affixes your two-handed rune weapon with a rune that deflects 4% of all spell damage and reduces the duration of Silence effects by 50%.  

Rune of  Swordshattering:  Affixes your two-handed rune weapon with a rune that increases Parry chance by 4% and reduces the duration of Disarm effects by 50%.


For my last part, I thought I’d share what I have on my toolbars. I use Blizzard’s toolbar, not a mod, and use Shift & mouse wheel to shift bars as and when I need them. I also have my bars mapped on my G15 G keys.


I use two tool bars, one for single target bar with the following:


1. Death Grip. Brings in your disease target (best used on a caster…gotcha!!).


2. Plague Strike Macro. I have bound plague strike and Blood rage with the following macro:


#showtooltip Plague Strike

/cast Plague Strike

/Cast Blood Rage


This gives a nice boost to AP for the start of the pull for us Orcs, which boosts disease damage as well “Impurity” and is a good opener with “Rage of Rivendare” giving an extra 10% to all your abilities when a target has Blood Plague.


You could bind an AP trinket as well if you don’t mind losing a defence trinket here, if you are not an orc, or add one if you are an Orc but like even more AP!!!


3. Icy Touch. Damage boosted by Black Ice Frost talent.


4. Blood Strike macro:


#showtooltip Blood Strike

/cast Blood Strike

/cast Charm of Alacrity


If you hit Blood strike twice with my talent suggestion you’ll proc Blade barrier, and the charm will give you avoidance, a nice dodge boost!! Any dodge/parry trinket will do here, but Charm of Alacrity is really easy to get!!!


5. Icebound Fortitude. When you hit this you will hopefully still have bone shield active, for 40% damage mitigation, the 50% you get for Icebound Fortitude, and blade shield/avoidance will help to deal with the last 10%. This will make your healers life a lot easier at the most dangerous stage of a pull, the first few seconds!!! You won’t take much damage for 15-20 seconds.


6. Scourge Strike/Rune Strike Macro: This is the DPS portion


#showtooltip Scourge Strike

/cast Rune Strike

/cast Scourge strike


7. Death Strike


8. Chains of Ice, in case you lose the target


9. Blood tap for a free death rune every minute.


0. Death Coil


-. Bone Shield


+. Dark Command


For my second tool bar I have a multi target set up. I’ve tried to put pretty much the same spells in the same place, swapping


4. Blood strike for 4. Pestilence, using a similar macro:


#showtooltip Pestilence

/cast Pestilence

/cast Charm of Alacrity


This will usually be cast just as the other mobs reach you after your first death Gripped target, meaning you’ll be at a high level of damage mitigation for the group pull for the scary few seconds after a pull (the time it can all go wrong!!).


I swap:


5. Scourge Strike/Rune Strike for 5. Blood Boil


for grabbing the group interest and proccing Blade barrier.


I also swap my runic power ability


0. Death Coil, with 0. Unholy Blight


And finally


-. Bone Shield for -. Death and Decay.


For multi targets I try to pull the caster first with Death Grip onto a Death and Decay area, and get my ghoul on the first target I’ve marked to kill, using stun as an interrupt or stunning anyway if they are not a caster for damage mitigation. When the diseases are up (after I cast Blood Boil), I switch to my single target bar so 18 second disease are useful with DnD. I prefer leaving the first target when they are 75% down switching back to my multi target bar and starting my disease cycle again on a mob with the highest health and letting the group/ghoul finish them off. Rinse and repeat!!!


I have a utility bar too, it’ll have Empower Rune Blade/Army of the Dead/My mount pots etc…


Anyway I hope I have given you some food for thought. I am playing Unholy because I have a holy paladin, and I like the idea of Ying and Yang!!! So I not comparing Unholy with any other tanking tree. So far I’ve found Unholy to deal lots of damage as well as mitigate damage as well as any tanking class I’ve played, and the Ghoul pet makes it a much more fun class to play. Try my tips and you’ll see why!!!




Pondering Ghostcrawlers recent Death Knight Tanking Blue post

December 5, 2008

Points from Ghostcrawlers Blue post and my (opinionated!) view:!!

Ghostcrawler says:

1) Death knights seem to tank well when they have cooldowns available and take too much damage otherwise. The change here seems obvious – boost Frost presence’s mitigation while reducing the mitigation of some other abilities, especially Icebound Fortitude and Bone Shield.

2) One idea we have for Icebound Fortitude is to scale the mitigation based on defense skill. This lets the ability be less of a paladin bubble in PvP for dps knights, while still letting it act more like Shield Wall for tanks. It also has the side effect of making defense slightly more attractive to death knights. (Let me add before it’s asked that yes we understand Ferals have this problem too and we are working on it.)

3) Unholy is a very popular tanking spec, largely on the strength of Bone Shield. Expect to see some buffs to tanking talents in the Blood tree especially.

4) Rune Strike was intended to be a reactive tanking tool, not a rogue killer. We will probably chill its weapon damage and increase its threat.

5) We don’t like the behavior where DKs feel like they are supposed to drop Death and Decay to generate runic power before a pull. It just looks goofy. We will probably lower the runic power costs of Unholy Blight and Horn of Winter, which seem to be the primary reasons to generate RP. Horn of Winter will probably be something like no cost, 30 sec cooldown, generates 10 rp.

EDIT: I am refering to using DnD outside of combat just for the runic power (kind of like Bloodrage for warriors). It’s totally legit and intended to use it to start a fight to gain threat and hurt the bad guys.

6) There are some odd situations caused by Shadow of Death that we would like to fix. The talent isn’t designed to let you escape durability damage or rez by zoning into an instance.

7) There are some annoying parts of the non-pet ghoul. We want to lower the aggro range (for less accidental pulls) and spawn the ghoul in quicker when dismounting. The ghoul, at least Unholy’s version, could also use some AE avoidance like other pets.

My View..

I find a few days pondering a ‘blue post’ usually cuts out any initial gut reaction like ‘oh noes, they are nerfing us’!!!

Rather surprisingly the usual forum chatter after this one were a lot more positive than I expected. Many agreeing with the proposed direction Blizz ‘may’ be taking with DK’s (or lots of Rogues rolled DK!). Once again, it looks like PVP QQ’s lead to Blizzard class design questions. Although Ghostcrawler seems to have emphasised our tanking role here, and this is a good thing. As long as they don’t ruin DK tanking I’ll be happy, as PVP is way down my list of priorities.

From point 1, boosting Frost presence’s mitigation at the expense of Icebound Fortitude and Bone Shield potentially could increase our overall mitigation in longer fights, as both these abilities are for a limited duration. So this sounds positive. It’ll be hard to swallow if we don’t get something that will help against hard hitting bosses, but scaling Icebound Fortitude with +def from point 2 sounds like it may do that.

I hope they don’t break my Bone Shield as there is nothing more about this spell in this proposal. I like it as it is, if anything I’d like a lower cooldown, or more charges!! But I am realistic enough to appreciate that this won’t happen!! I’d actually like to see Bone Shield become a Death Knight spell rather than a feature of the Unholy talent build, with perhaps some extra charges/increase mitigation for Unholy DK’s due to their AOE role.

I’d guess point 3 is there because there are so many Blood specs running about… I’m unholy and I’d never moan about a talent boost to another tree where it is needed!! What I’d really like to see is Blizzard keeping their promise of dual talent specs because Blood could be an awesome single target tanking spec (and maybe already is… I’ve not played it yet). How cool would it be if we could have two specs one for AOE and one for single target tanking and they could be switched about as and when they were needed?

The proposed changes to ‘Rune Strike’ worry me a bit, they are 100% PVP driven. Rune strike is all you can do if you are AOE tanking with DnD and keeping up your diseases. I suppose increasing threat and decreasing weapon damage may allow this strike to scale… well I hope it does anyway.

I realised after reading this why I got so many ’spits’ from rogue players on my first walk to Ogrimmar after completing the DK start areas with my second DK, well one Rogue player did…. (and I know your name!!). In the light of this it probably wasn’t Role Play motivated!!

For Ghostcrawlers next point, I’ve not had too many issues with runic power myself, it favours a good rotation and actively using your abilities. However reducing cost of Unholy Blight will definitely make things easier! So this proposal got this DK smiling, I just hope they don’t reduce the time it is active for.

For point 6, I’ve enjoyed minimal repair bills so far, so I’d better get my Epic mount skills before they do this!! I (naively) thought that this was done purposely to help with the usual nightmare of paying tanking repair damage bills. It is perverse that a good tank keeps other players repair bills down by increasing their own…. Please think about this Ghostcrawler if you ever venture to this part of the bloggosphere!! I’d guess other tanks would find this hard to stomach but Plate armor upkeep is expensive…..

For point 7, perhaps they can look at making it easier to shift from a passive to a defensive pet… the pull behaviour is ‘unfortunate’ at best (despite my slightly Ironic post about it!!). That’s my main issue with Ghouls, well if I be honest pet classes should be actively using their pet bars and shouldn’t moan about behaviours that can be beneficial if used in the right context. Some AOE avoidance would definitely be a bonus for Unholy perma-pets.

All in all, it’s good of Blizz to keep us in the loop…. we’ll see what comes out of these proposals


Things I wish I’d known before I made my Death Knight

December 5, 2008

I made my first death knight at 4 minutes past midnight on the 13th of November, and the DK area was packed with excited new DK’s (many I guess are level 80 now!).  I had not read much on the new class because I wanted lots of pleasant surprises, so this led to a few mistakes!!  I was in a hurry to get through Outland, so this also led to me doing things one way, then wishing I’d done them differently. So I thought I’d compile a list so perhaps you’ll not need to repeat them!! 

Oh… if you have any to add, let me know and I’ll make this a work ‘in progress’.

1.  For the duel quest, you do not need to run about looking for other players, I did first time round!!  I even deliberately lost a few to ‘help’ a few players who asked.  For DK v2.0, I did things properly!  I dueled the Death Knight Initiate NPC’s and kept my Duel stats pure!!!

2.  Noth’s Special Brew is a repeatable quest UNTIL after the Light’s Hope chapel event.  I left Ebon Hold the first time with 3, and wished I had as many as I could carry.  So with DK v2.0 I left with 20 (I’m not sure if you can carry anymore than 20).

3.  The ‘Charm of Alarcrity’ trinket from the Goblin quests in Hellfire is truely awesome for levelling/tanking, it works particularly well with ‘Rune Strike’, so don’t sell it like I did first time round!!  Using this trinket with Icebound fortitude and Bone shield with Blade Barrier….. well try it you’ll see what I mean!!!

4.  Waiting till 60 for Outland , then till 70 will pay off because you level faster by questing and do quests faster if they are your level.  I did the former (questing in WP to 60), but rushed into Northrend the minute I hit 68.  Now I am not saying I struggled in Northrend, I didn’t, but I could have grinded up a good Scryer/Aldor enchant if I’d thought about it for those levels! You won’t do this when you start questing in Northrend believe me!!

5.  Getting Fishing and Cooking levelled will really boost your characters stats, especially in Northrend.  Also when you have your shiny new abilities, you’ll find it hard to go back, I didn’t with DK v1.0.  So for Death Knight v2.0 I did this as soon as I left Ebon Hold.  I didn’t take that long either!!  Check Out Highlander’s fantastic Cooking and Fishing guide on the Professions Forum.  Read it first, especially on the NPC’s who sell you recipes… it’ll save your flight paths!! 

6.  The axe/sword weapon you get in the early Northrend quests mean I would not worry about making an Outland Epic weapon as a BS… or even buying one from the AH. If you did I bet you got a shock!!

7.  Don’t buy levelling gear, you will not need it.  The only gear you may have to buy (or make) is 70 tanking gear, but rather than buy I’d recommend sweet talking your friendly neighbourhood BS, because the Cobalt set is easy and cheap to make. 

8.  You don’t need to buy you flight skills at 70!!


Big Shoulders

December 3, 2008

My Paladin is a blacksmith, so on Monday night I had a sneaky look at the Blacksmithing gear you can make, and before I knew it I’d made the ‘green’ Cobalt tanking set, which gives a not too shabby 288 defence rating and decent stamina.  The mats for this set are extremely easy to get, 4 or 5 cobalt bars for each item. And it doesnt look too bad (the helm is a bit ‘Star Wars’ or Samurai!!).

The problem is my pally is on a different server from my DK, and is a Blood Elf (my DK is human). 

Now I know why I rolled a human… ‘Diplomacy’ for rep and ‘Every Man for himself’ for a free PVP trinket, as well as the idea that Humans fit the lore.  And I’ve even got my Human the Ambassador Title, and to level 70, so I was seeing if it was worth levelling Blacksmithing before continuing, because there was a distinct lack of defence drops in the early Northrend quests. 

I also planned to have a healer, tanker and DPSer on the same side, and my Horde characters are tanks, a prot specced Paladin and Warrior.   But before I knew it I had rolled a Horde death Knight and specced my Paladin Holy and my warrior Dual Wield with Titan Grip!! 

I’m planning on staying Unholy, and tanking my way to 80, so there was only one choice of Race, even considering the extra stam of a tauren, so I rolled an Orc!

The racials are awesome for DK’s, Command (+5% extra pet damage), Hardiness for 15% reduced stun duration, the +5 extra expertise in Axe Specialisation and the my favourite… Blood Fury, a free attack power trinket.  I don’t know why I didnt consider this to start with!! 

Now Orc’s probably don’t fit the lore as well as say a Human or Undead, but their Racials are an unholy wet dream.  Popping Blood Fury before pestilence makes for a serious amount of early DPS in a fight, and I expect this will be just the kind of boost that a tank would need for the first few seconds of a fight.  Also a 2 minute cooldown means I’ll be using it a lot.  A few hours later and I was a 58 Unholy Orc Death Knight.

My Hordies are on Earthen Ring, and my paladin already has the Ambassador title, so I don’t feel the urge to get it for my DK (well not yet anyway!!).  One other thing helped sway me… After the final battle, I made the long walk to Thrall in Ogrimmar, and did not run, a fellow DK joined in the fun with a little RP, and it was enough to box my Human DK for now! 

Ok, ok I’ll be honest now… racials pah, classes pah, RP pah………




My Ghoul’s middle name is Einstein!!

November 28, 2008

While questing in Terokkar Forest doing the questline that involves killing Orc Peons, I was doing my usual, rounding up the mobs while mounted in groups of 4-5, diseasing them all, then killing them AOE. 

 This is the first time I’ve grouped up ‘runners’ since dropping out desecration from my build, (the graphic lag was too annoying) and those pesky Orc Peons all are ‘runner’ types.  Now the anti runner abilities we have are fairly limited… long cooldown on Death Grip, and I need my frost runes for better abilities than slowing a runner (maybe not in an instance!!).    

 Enter my latest Ghoul ‘Dirtmuncher’ (erm……. cmon Blizz some of these names are questionable at least!!).  Now he seems to be intelligent enough to know he should be chasing the runners down for me.  I’ve seen other ‘clever’ behaviours, like he pounces on casters out of my AOE range that are blasting me.  In fact in defensive mode my Ghoul really covers my back!

I can see DK’s Ghoul’s getting blamed for pulls because of this, like poor hunters were, when groups needed a blame hound (a runner aggros anyway without a pet trying to kill it people!!!) 

 So well done Blizz, nice job done on Ghoul AI 🙂 

Well….. nearly they are a nightmare for pulls if you don’t remember to switch them off defensive, but I’ve hot keyed one of my mouse buttons to the pet attack button and toggle the defensive pet button if I need to.  I like keeping control of who my pet is attacking, it makes it easier for get phase 2 of diseases up without the pet killing your target!!  It’s handy if you have casters hitting you to switch to defensive 🙂


Need more ra… runic power!!

November 26, 2008

Looks like I am having a rethink for my level 80 build.  I’ve realised the importance of having more runic power, so 130 is my target on the forth tier of Frost.  Furthermore making Obliterate not remove diseases means it should end up my strike of choice (third tier).  So Instead of going for 11 points in frost, I am going further up the tree and getting 19 points in there instead, keeping the ‘good stuff’ from Unholy. 

The reason for the re-think, I’ve seen bigger single hits from obliterate, but needed to recast my diseases on the target.  Also the benefits of 130 runic power are just too good to turn down, especially as my Glyph of Death Strike improves the damage/heals per 5 runic power. 

I’ve also decided that my pull will be Icy touch, and that Death Grip will be saved for a runner/lost aggro taunt owing to its long cooldown.  So talenting Icy Touch up to 30 yards is a must for me. 

Until I can talent obliterate, I’ll be trading Death Strike for Scourge Strike in my rotations, depending on my health.  But once Obliterate is talented to not remove diseases, I’ll be removing Scourge Strike from my build.

Oh… and once I learn how to post links on this page I’ll be linking my final build and Armory page!!