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Paladin Aura Dreams….

December 24, 2008

I’m really happy about the proposed new spell, Hand of Reckoning.  A lovely 30 yard damage ‘pull’.   I was missing my mana tap!!!  While reading about the changes in 3.0.8, it got me thinking about another aspect of the Paladin that could be tinkered with, their Aura’s.  Blizzard seem to be shaking all the classes up atm so I am sure Aura changes will have been discussed.

I’ve played Warhammer Onlines excellent ‘Chosen’ tanking class, if WOW wasn’t so awesome I’d be playing WAR.  The Chosen are based on an Aura mechanic, their Aura’s are more slightly more powerful than WOW’s Paladins because they are core to their game play.  Playing Chosen for a few weeks  got me thinking…. Blizzard could steal the Chosen idea and improve it (WHAT!!! they’d never do that… would they?!!). 

So here is my spin on how they could do this.  The Chosen Aura’s are on a 12 second cooldown, and their affects last 5 seconds after they are replaced with another aura.  This means you can have 3 Aura’s active at once for a small period if you time it right.   If Blizzard treated their Aura’s the same way, extended the residual affect time (10 seconds after affect with auras on a 25 second cooldown for example), or copy it.  If they didn’t change the Aura affects and gave the Aura bar an independent cooldown in the same way they have with pet bars then Paladins could weave Aura management into their rotations without changing them.  And this would be the Improvement on the ‘Chosen’ mechanic . 

Doing this would reward players who are skilled, and make game play a bit more active, in the same way that giving Pet classes like the unholy Death Knight, Hunters and Warlock a casting bar rewards more skilled players who manually control their pets.   I suppose some Paladins may balk at the idea of making their gameplay more demanding, but they could leave their single aura on in the same way pet classes leave their pet abilities on autocast. 

I’d love this ‘stolen’ mechanic.  Imagine weaving Devotion, Retribution and a Resistance aura so they were all active at once without affecting your rotations?  That would be well worth a few extra clicks 🙂


The Making of an Ambassador

November 17, 2008
It’s now /played 25 hours and 21 hours at level 58!! So far I’ve got my Death Knight exalted with Stormwind and Darnassus, and completed all the quests in Deadmines/Stockades/Blackfathom Deep. I’m now half way through revered with the Exodar!! I’ll do the Dwarf/Gnome areas and all the Gnomeregan quests in the next few evenings. Hopefully finishing things off in the Scarlett Monastry.
Questing like this is a ‘novel’ experience, you can follow the lower level quest chains right through without hitting any level caps, and makes it a lot more like a story driven journey. Levelling usually means you need to wait a while for the next instalment, but when it is condensed like this, it really shows off Blizzard’s story telling!!
Would I do this again with another ‘hero’ class? Probably! hehe.
Back to the mission in hand!!

I remembered way more quests in Azuremyst Isle as I levelled with my Shaman, but quite a lot seem to be Draenei only, so it looks like it is going to be quite difficult hitting exalted in Bloodmyst Isle (where I am at the moment and the original plan!!) even as a human. At worst if I complete all the available quests I find, using my memory, wowhead and the low level quest tracker, then I’ll hit exalted in Bloodmyst Isle. If not I may do the remaining Draenei quests in Forest Song in Ashenvale, and head over to Swamp of Sorrow. I can also get some Exodar quests in Outland but I know I’ll get there questing and will not need to quest in Alterac Valley or go on a runecloth grind.

I prefer questing to item grinding because it is more interesting and I like the stories you come across!! I think I’ve done most (if not all) of them across a few different characters, so it is nice to consolidate them all into one Hero character. It seems appropriate!

One very useful thing I’ve found is I have not yet been to Ironforge, save to pick up quests for Stockades and Blackfathom deep and I have not yet done the Dwarf/Gnome start up zone, yet I hit Reverred with Ironforge whilst doing the Draenei start up area with the additional faction reputation alone and I am only less than 1k off Gnomeregan Revered, and before I started I was worried more about getting Gnome rep than any of the other factions!! So even if I don’t get exalted by finishing all the quests I find in Bloodmyst Isle, I expect the additional ‘alliance rep’ I get from the dwarf quests will get me there so I can do it before I level to 59. A 58 Ambassador would be quite a personal achievement!! At the current rate and with a bit of luck it will be 10-15 more hours /played till I get the Ambassador title, maybe once I hit the Scarlet Monastry and complete all the quests there. I’d be pretty pleased if I could get there at level 58!!

This title feels a bit more substantial than those I was getting while playing Warhammer Online!!

I’ve done nearly 450 quests already, so I am definitely in the questing groove! I am still miles away from the Loremaster title, for either island. Who knows maybe I’ll come back for that after I hit 80! I’d like to solo Onyxia as well!!!!!

I was intending to do as many of the classic dungeons, with all their associated quests as I could. But perhaps the lure of outland and Northrend’s new journey to level 80 will be too strong!! We’ll see!!!!

Oops…….. I’ve still to start my Blacksmith skill, and cooking and fishing!!!

I’ve already seen level 75 Death Knights on my server, so good luck to whoever gets the ‘World first’. I expect someone somewhere already has!!!

I’m not in such a rush myself!! To many ‘fluff’ items to do first!!